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Build your own tools

Now FLOSS is so common that even Microsoft use it and develop it. But do you have control over your tools for daily use? Building your own tools is the best way to develop software, and Ruby is the best language for such use. In this talk, I introduce my own tools and my development style.

Build your own tools Build your own tools


* [スライド原稿](implement-thread-in-ruby.md) * [スライドPDF](pdf/MatsueRubyKaigi09-implement-thread-in-ruby.pdf) * [ベース実装](minthread.rb) * [TracePoint版実装](minthread2.rb) * [モンキーパッチ版実装](minthread3.rb)

Rubyでつくるスレッド Rubyでつくるスレッド