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Firmware programming with mruby/c

We have a new choice to write firmware for microcomputers(microcontrollers). It's mruby/c. This talk shows how to introduce mruby/c firmware programming. And besides, my actual IoT project for Japanese Sake brewery will be described. Since mruby/c is still a young growing tool, you will know there are several(many?) things you can help it to become better.

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Firmware programming with mruby/c Firmware programming with mruby/c

Making IoT device with Ruby

I made an IoT system to manage the brewing temperature for Asahi Shuzo (Izumo city) with Ruby. I will talk about the value of Ruby on-the-spot of IoT, and about the way how a very ordinary Rubyist got to be able to handle microcontroller.

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Making IoT device with Ruby Making IoT device with Ruby